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How to Place a Sports Bet OnlineHow to Place a Sports Bet Online

Placing a bet online for your favourite sport couldn’t be easier, especially since all you need are funds to deposit and an internet connection! There are so many different sports betting websites to choose from, all offering something new and exciting to incentivise you to sign up, as well as competitive odds on tournaments like the Euro 2021.

For example, if you want to put down a bet that England will win their group stage, group D, in the Euro, Virgin Bet will offer you £20 free credit if you put down just £10 as a starting deposit, and £5 free for every England game after that. This means you have more funds to play with for the rest of the tournament! Alternatively, if you want to put a straight bet on England to win the entire tournament, the average odds are 9/2 and you can get a free £100 credit from Bet365 from a £5 deposit!

How do I know if I can bet online?

Betting online is much like any other betting, the only difference is you can do it from your own sofa! It’s a safe, secure and easy way to bet and manage your winnings, without having to go to your local betting shop. By signing up with reputable online betting sites, users can explore a wide range of sports to bet on. At users can find the best online betting sites that have revolutionized the betting experience, making it much more convenient and accessible for users.

All the usual rules and regulations for betting apply, such as having to be over 18 years old, have your own funds to deposit (i.e. you use your own credit card or debit card), and you don’t monopolise the betting games in any illegal way.

Incentives to betting online

Alongside your research for competitive odds, you should also look into what incentives the big betting websites are offering you to sign up for an online betting account. It is 100% reliable and a lot of new bettors are attracted towards it for the big sports markets, user friendly mobile apps and free bets.

The top 5 most popular sites that offer these sign up gifts include: 888 Betting, William Hill, BetFair, Bet365 and Virgin Bet.

What are the odds for the Euro 2021 football tournament?

Once you’ve chosen the best incentive from your online betting website, you need to then get your head around the odds for the winner of the tournament. Check out the beste oddstips for an easier approach to make more money on online sports betting.

Take England as a key example, the odds on average for them to lift the trophy are 9/2. Put that alongside France who’s odds are 5/1 and you can see who the favourites are. Top teams like Portugal are in at 8/2, Germany are in at 13/2, and Belgium at 11/2.

What types of bet can I place?

Sports bets can work differently to other bets that you place, mainly because they can be spread out across a whole tournament, or be dependent on an overall winner at the end of a competition, or simply set out per game.

There are 4 types of sporting bets that you should focus on for the Euro tournament:

  1. Straight Bet – a Straight Bet is exactly what it sounds; it’s a bet that you place that is a one-time bet and isn’t dependent on other scores or fixtures. For example, England to win the Euros would be a Straight Bet.
  2. Point Spread – a Point Spread bet is a great option for a tournament like the Euros as it gives you the chance to bet on both teams during a match. The way to win is to make sure that the Point Spread that the team wins by is more than the bet set out.
  3. Total Bet – a Total Bet is the total amount of points scored during a game, so you’ll be betting on points as opposed to a direct scoreline result.
  4. Parlay Bet – a Parlay Bet is a common choice for longer tournaments like the Euros. This type of bet allows you to bet on a game by game basis and for each win, you will accumulate funds that will then be used on to bet on the next game. In order to withdraw your winnings for a Parlay Bet, you must have won all of the bets that you put down.